Wax Here, Wax There, Wax Everywhere!

Like anything else, when you find someone who loves what they do, has crazy talent and is passionate about serving others – you have something great! That is exactly what All About U found in our new team member Karson Pettigrew. Karson is a licensed cosmetologist that specializes in full body waxing. She’s been licensed for seven years, but has been exclusively waxing for three years. After her first waxing experience, she fell in love with how confident she felt and aspired to help every woman and man feel that same confidence.

Karson is an expert providing body waxing services for men and women consisting of bikini, Brazilian, arms, legs, chest, back and other places. She also helps provide smooth and hairless facial features like brows, chin, lips and even nostrils.

Imagine the convenience and benefits that come from adding waxing to your usual beauty services at All About U!