We call it Covid Hair

In the year of a pandemic we have seen it all in the hair salon. Box dyes, home hair services, take home kits, “miracle” products, neglect and even challenges caused at another hair salon. We affectionately call all this “Covid Hair”. Shortcuts and intended savings often result in unexpected results and we are frequently asked to fix the consequences. Unfortunately damaged hair caused by these practices can be very time consuming and expensive to repair. It may take a series of appointments and time to restore your hair to pre Covid Hair condition. The reason for this is that these products often damage the hair and rarely do it consistently across all areas of your hair. These damaged areas have different ph, color, luster and strength than healthy hair. Color corrections over Covid Hair may not respond the same as healthy hair. The first thing we do is assess the condition of your hair and determine if corrections at this time are best. Some hair is literally falling out when we first see clients with Covid Hair. The long term health and beauty of your hair is our greatest priority.

Hair stylists have thousands of hours of training and access to professional products for a reason. There is a difference in products we use versus those from drug stores, Sally Beauty or even take home kits for the consumer. Hair and color corrections can be a complicated process and should only be done by an experienced stylist. Commitment to using professional products is also a key ingredient to repair and restore damaged hair. We recommend and sell products from Olaplex, Moroccanoil and Amika (www.olaplex.com, www.moroccanoil.com, www.loveamika.com)to restore damaged hair and maintain long-term health. All About U hair stylists have the experience and talent combined with professional products to help you on your journey back to healthy hair! Schedule your appointment now.