The Vivid Colors Are In!

Once reserved for the younger daring types, the vibrant colored hair styles are now popular for all. With almost as many variations in colors, these hair styles are called many names such as vibrant, fantasy, mermaid, rainbow, unicorn and fun hair. Creativity abounds with the bright and bold dye shades. Fashioning these colors really allow our stylists to display their artistic creativity. Like any significant hair service or treatment success always starts with a thorough consultation. Each service is unique and existing hair color and treatments will make a difference in the outcome of each service. The attention clients get with these styles is maximized in many cases but many choose to add a vibrant piece or flare to a traditional color or style. Maybe a simple and subtle money piece of a favorite color sends exactly the right message! All About U Salon has numerous talented stylists that love to display their artistic talents helping clients reach their unique hair goals. Remember it’s All About U!