Highlights Vs. Lowlights

It seems each year there are more options to choose from when getting your next hair service. This article will keep it simple when getting color treatment and define how highlights and lowlights are used to bring the ultimate dimension out of your next color service. Keeping it simple, highlights are colored hair strands that are a lighter tone than your natural or colored base tones. Highlights are the most common color process and generally add lighter strands 2-3 tones brighter than the base or natural tones. Traditional highlights use a process called foiling that colors or lightens strands of hair from root to ends. Highlights can be subtle or bold and chunky for dramatic effects. Variations of highlights are also used to create beautiful effects including babylights, balayage and ombres. Lowlights on the other hand are strands of hair colored darker than your natural tones or base hair color. Similar to highlights, lowlights are generally 2-3 tones different from your base color. Lowlights give dimension, richness and the appearance of greater volume to the hair. Lowlights are also used to help with grey coverage when you elect to not have a general color applied.

The truth is many stylists today recommend a mix of highlights and low lights. Together they create the ultimate depth and dimension that really stands out and is absolutely eye catching!