Eyelash Extensions @ All About U!

Now that our master esthetician is offering eyelash extensions at All About U (yeah I bet we have the most qualified professional offering this service around!), we wanted to share the differences between the most common form of eyelash extensions. In this blog we will simply describe classic, volume, hybrid and mega eyelash extensions.

Classic eyelash extensions basically make your eyelash line look darker and more curled while looking natural. Classic eyelash extensions are a one-to-one application with your natural lashes. This is a method where one eyelash extension is glued onto one of your natural lashes. The results appear natural, subtle and like a great mascara application that lasts!

Volume lashes deliver a thicker, more dramatic look, fuller and fluffy in appearance. The style gives a young and youthful appearance to your eyes. Volume eyelash extensions use more than one extension per natural lash in what is called a “volume fan”. Depending on the fans used, it could be a volume fan or a mega volume fan. Typically, a volume lash uses 2 to 5 extensions per fan.

Hybrid lashes are a great choice for those who want something a little bolder than classic lashes, but a little less dramatic than volume lashes. Combining the two techniques, hybrid lashes land somewhere in the middle – they’re not as subtle as classic lash extensions or as dense as volume lashes, making hybrid lashes ideal for those clients who want the best of both worlds.

Mega eyelash extensions are soft, light and full. The difference between mega volume lashes and volume lashes is how many false lashes are used to create the fan and the diameter of these false lashes. A volume fan uses 2 to 5 extensions with a diameter of 0.05 to 0.07 mm while a mega volume fan uses 6 to 16 extensions with a diameter of 0.03 to 0.05 mm. A set made of these lashes is dramatic, soft, wispy, giving intense density and blackness to the lashes.