All About U Salon, Spa & Boutique Is Officially The Best Hair Salon In McKinney!

When Star Local Media Readers’ Choice 2022 Best of McKinney results were released, there was one winner for Best Hair Salon in McKinney. That winner was All About U Salon, Spa & Boutique! Voters of were given an opportunity to choose among a dozen different salons in McKinney when casting their vote. Honored, humbled and extremely energized to be better than we have been. Still moved each time a new client says they are so glad they found All About U!

After 11-years in business, why is All About U still the best hair salon in McKinney?

· It’s All About U, The Client

· It’s All About U, The Hair Stylist

· The Culture

· Our Commitment

All About U Salon, Spa & Boutique is the best salon in McKinney because it was built with a clear vision to put the client first. Everything we try to do is from a perspective of the client with a clear intent of serving your beauty needs today and for years to come. We don’t just want to provide a great hair service, we want to provide an entire experience that is different and better than any other salon you have been to. Why is All About U different? Literally everything we do is to display our commitment to you. As an example visit our Facebook and Instagram that tells a story of how client focused our salon is. Our front desk coordinators understand they initiate the client experience and are trained to help you professionally and patiently through the scheduling and any questions you may have regarding services, stylists or anything else you need.

Our stylists are trained to focus on 3 things with each client:

· Listen and learn what their hair dreams are

· Deliver the best hair services

· Build a relationship that is All About U – The client!

To be the best hair salon in McKinney, we built the team of best hair stylists in McKinney! All our service providers are carefully selected based on experience, talent and desire to serve you the client. We formed a team that has amazing talent, skills and desire to serve each and every client. Great hair stylists are artists who have the vision to see beyond the blank canvas and skillfully produce hair dreams. Our stylists are trained to start each service with a client consultation. During that consultation our stylists want to evaluate your existing hair conditions, listen and learn what your hair goals and dreams are. Stylists will work with each client on a unique service plan to achieve the desired results. The hair stylists at All About U then deliver the services better than any other salon can. Stylists then communicate how to best care for your new style and the long term plan to keep you looking this great. We think of this as the perfect business plan. We help you look and feel your best. When you look and feel your best, we all know everything is better! Our existing clients are the greatest marketing as they live their lives in full display of the amazing work our hair stylists do every day!

All About U being the best hair salon and having the best hair stylists in McKinney is by design. New clients often comment “I love the feel of this place”. Over 11-years ago, the owner of All About U had a vision of building a salon that was different. The vision was to have a salon that was warm and welcoming with an open feel yet allowing stylists to focus on the individual client. Clients are done with closed in suites and loss of customer service. What was created was a salon that had an inspiring energy that just feels good to be part of. We have invested in technology and systems that allow you the ease of booking appointments online via Google, website, Facebook, Instagram, Vagaro or simply over the phone. We believe that it is still important in our business to have someone to help answer any questions on the phone or in person. We want our clients to be welcomed when they arrive by a smiling face that is completely focused on providing you a great experience at All About U. When Covid hit and required businesses to be temporarily closed, All About U greatly invested in having a new makeover. “We looked at it as the perfect time to update and look toward the future”. Floors, paint and equipment were all updated making All About U ready to serve you better than ever before. All these things are our commitment to you the client – be the best! Our clients are our neighbors and friends and we intend to keep it that way.

Our agenda is clear:

· Provide the best hair services in McKinney

· Have the best hair stylists in McKinney

· Help you look and feel your best

· Earn your business for years to come!