2021 Hairstyle Trend – The Bob is Back!

Each year fashions and hairstyles seem to change, 2021 is certainly no different. In fact, the 2020 “let it go” style has worn out its welcome. Everyone is ready to move on from 2020 so let’s look at one of the hair trends predicted to be popular in 2021.

The bob is back!

There are so many variations to today’s bob hairstyles and plenty of names to describe them from soft a-line bob, textured fringe bob, blunt chin bob, soft curved bob and even one known as a Mia Wallace bob. They can have a clean and classic look to a shaggy and trendy appearance. In any case, they are low maintenance beautiful cuts that get you noticed. Generally speaking a bob length is at the neckline but there are shorter and slightly longer versions. Customized to your facial features the bob cut can combine layers, texturing and hair color variations that make this style so beautiful. The look simply says this is not 2020 and it shows!

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