What is Balayage anyways?

Balayage is a hair coloring technique where the color is gradually applied to the hair in a vertical fashion. Balayage comes from the French term “to sweep” which describes the natural appearing transition in hair color. This process results in a more natural looking color application giving seemless blends of lights and darks with vast dimensions.

How is this different than traditional highlights or Ombre? Highlights are known for chunky variations or strands of color. Ombre is a more rapid transition in hair color creating a horizontal variation in tones. Balayage is focused on natural transitions, subtle yet defined.

The stylists at All About U are artists in creating the ultimate Balayage. Often described as one of the most enjoyable services a stylist performs, Balayage allows creativity working on the clients hair as if it were a fine painting. Compliment a Balayage with curls and a precision cut, the final product is magical. The transition the hair goes through is amazing to experience and the clients reactions are priceless! To see the transformations Balayage can do, look at the before and after picture of our work.